Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make your IPad 2 as a fridge magnet

Make your IPad 2 as a fridge magnet
Apple has donated a small but cool feature of the new iPad 2, which competitors will miss at least another generation. The four magnets in the special Tablet allow attach a cover that has a premium price of 59 dollars.
The most obvious change is probably the design. The case has been completely revised. It is now 33% thinner and thus only 8.8 mm thick. Thus, it is even thinner than the iPhone 4th With 601 grams, it is to become a bit lighter than its predecessor. Apart from the exaggerated flattened edges on the back, has the actual case is very similar to the leaked photos. So Apple iPad 2 can use as fridge magnets.
The magnets allow a further 22 in this protection, but it is the tablet at all possible metal objects bef盲stigen, without which it would fall down like other Dell vostro 1510 battery. We see the example at the top of the fridge. This allows you to easily watch movies and you can leave a little note.
Of course not described in the warranty, which will be liable to break the event of a fall or the greasy air in the kitchen, the warranty from Apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery , but a more elegant solution than a Velcro closure is all.
The iPad-shell "Smart Cover" from Apple is equipped with magnets. It covers iPad 2 not only from but when it awakens to expand too. And you can tinker with it the most expensive fridge magnet in the world. That is the most difference with the Sony vgp-bps13b/b.
The magnet can be filled iPad protective case is so strong that they stick together with the Dell vostro 1710 battery iPad to the fridge. According to 9to5Mac keeps them safe and can for example be used in cooking the recipe ads. Or you can watch Face Time video telephone his mother to learn how to cook their sauerbraten.
A word of warning may not be missing here: the cover is securely in the fridge - if it holds on your devices as well, is not secure. Whose iPad 2 at the bottom shattered, because he has tried it, is alone responsible

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