Monday, January 24, 2011

Dexim Super Juice: iPhone protective case with integrated battery

Not just a simple sleeve: the "Super Juice" by Dexim contains a rechargeable battery.


Dexim demanded € 59.90 for the Super Juice. The internal Apple laptop battery powers the iPhone 4 with additional power for up to six hours of talk time, ten hours of video or games, or 40 hours of music listening. A folding metal frame ensures stability in video conferencing or when watching movies. The synchronization and charging via the included USB cable - the Super Juice can permanently protect the iPhone.

Actually, should the iPhone 4 by Apple long ago also be available with sleek white housing on the market. Delay problems but to date the delivery. Now the device is not in the shop can be found from Apple A1039.

During the presentation of the iPhone 4 in June 2010 showed Steve Jobs not only a set with black housing, but also promised a model in elegant white. But nothing came of it: First off until Apple macbook pro battery fans on the end of July 2010, then to December. Reason: difficulties in production. Finally, it was said that the white iPhone 4 come out until early 2011.

If you call now on the online store from Apple a1189 , the iPhone 4 white is gone. In the gallery on the product side, there is some visible. It's quite possible that the manufacturer, the white model in this way secretly buried, before a device goes on sale. For June 2011, Steve Jobs would announce the iPhone already 5, so that a launch for the white model is not worth nearly.

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4, he promised that there would be the new Apple a1185 smartphone with both black and white case. For the launch on 24 June, but is available only in black. Apple does not specify unspecified difficulties in the production of white housing as a reason for the significant delay in delivery. At the German Exlusive distributor T-Mobile can also order the iPhone 4 in black only. A pre-order option for a white model is currently (as of June 24, 2010, 11 clock) is not available.

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