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Dell inspiron E1505 battery review

I purchased this laptop 2 months ago with the 1.83 Duo Core porcessor, 1 Gig RAM, 7200 RPM 60 Gig HD, Windows media center and office basic and True life screen. The computer is really quite fast and trouble free thus far. The E1505 Battery or 6400 Battery is a great laptop for the traveling power user. It is not so big that I can't pack it from airport to airport, but is big enough that it is comfortable and easy to use. I have teh 1.86Ghz Core Duo, 2 GB ram, ATI X1400, Blutoot .

At 6 pounds, the Inspiron E1505 Battery will ship with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 to dictate the overall multimedia offerings so you can enjoy TV, music, movies, and photos. Both the E1505 and 6400 will come equipped with Intel's latest Dual-Core Duo processors at up to 2.0 GHz. To keep the prices down, these model only come with an integrated graphics solution however we suspect in the future (if demand calls for) there will be a discrete option.

The Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery and Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery are availablw now. Prices start at $929 for the E1505 and $979 for the 6400.

Performance from the 1.6-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 CPU is good choice for a budget mainstream portable and performed the?very well on?five of the seven tests, with a score of 231 on MobileMark 2005. Battery life, at 4 hours and 51 minutes, is excellent for a mainstream notebook and Latitude D620 Battery . The 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 graphics engine means you can even play 3D games. The E1505 delivered 85 fps on F.E.A.R., using autodetect settings. Although that was at lower resolution and with some eye-candy turned off, its more than we expected from a notebook in this price class

Basic features for both models:

  • Choice of 15.4-inch WXGA, WXGA with TrueLife or WSXGA+ with TrueLife displays
  • Intel Core Duo and Core Solo processor options (667 MHz, 2 MB cache) at up to 2.0GHz
  • Up to 2 GB shared(3) 533 MHz DDR2 memory
  • Intel Integrated GMA 950 graphics
  • Serial ATA hard drive up to 100 GB 7,200 RPM
  • Fixed 16X CD-RW/DVD drive or 8X DVD+/-RW dual-layer drive
  • Internal Intel Pro/Wireless 3945 (802.11a/b/g, 54Mbps) and Dell Wireless or internal Dell 350 Bluetooth options
  • Ports and slots include four USB 2.0, IEEE 1394, VGA, S-video and ExpressCard
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home, Media Center Edition 2005, or XP Professional
  • Six-cell 53 WHr Li-Ion Dell laptop Battery with nine-cell 85WHr Li-Ion upgrade option
  • Starting weight at 6.18 pounds (2.8kg)

That's the buyer's review : I bought this laptop with a gig of ram, a 80 gig hard drive, an radeon 1400 graphics card, and a 1.86 dual core processor. It works great and i love how you can play dvd's without booting windows. I can play all my games, even the graphics heav...y 3D ones not like my laso notebook Latitude D600 Battery .

I got the e1505 about 2 months ago and so far only managed to really screw it up once. I had to do the system restore (from the restore partition) and it only took about 10 minutes tops to reformat and reload the OS. The Radeon x1400 is very good for... what it is. I don't run real high res in my games so it performs very nicely and still looks good. The display is very sharp and crisp and all text is very legible even for my poor ol' eyes. It's very quick at video rendering for DVD creation and the boot time is very fast (about a minute) due to a very quick HD. My only gripe is all the extra junk Dell feels the need to pile on, and the fact that a factory restore disc is extra (although that seems to be the norm anymore). All in all, it's been a very good replacement for my aging desktop.

This laptop computer fits all my needs. I e-mailed this e-mail for the review on Dell Latitude D520 Battery. I do not know if I will ever want or use a different computer. It is perfact for any job that anyone may have or want.

The 15.4-inch UltraSharp widescreen display delivered strong colors when watching DVDs, even from a variety of angles. The speakers, which are located on either side of the playback controls, produced surprisingly good sound, even though the bass was a bit weak. This configuration has an 80GB hard drive for storing your digital music collection, along with gobs of photos and videos in your Sony VGP-BPS8 or Sony VGP-BPS2C.

The Dell E1505 is commendably quiet -- most of the time.? Even while watching a DVD, the fan remained off.? With a low power integrated video card, only one fan is needed to cool this machine.? The hard drive makes a subdued, but noticeable hum.

Only under heavier tasks does the fan does come on.? It has at least three speeds.? The lowest is very quiet, and more of a pleasing low pitched hum than an annoying whine? Unfortunately, running benchmarks (which can cause sustained full processor usage, something most programs rarely do) will often cause the fan to quickly bypass first and kick into second and then third gear.? It seems that when the fan starts, the CPU continues to warm for a few moments while the cooling begins to take effect on VGP-BPS9 , triggering a higher fan speed that is not really necessary.? After a while it will slow back down and stay there.? If the fan is already running at a lower speed when the benchmark starts, it usually won't speed up.? After 10 minutes of simultaneous 3DMark05 and Super Pi, the fan did go from the lowest to the middle speed.

Inspiron E1505 Battery life with the default 6-cell battery averages around three hours--not great, but not bad for a multimedia portable computer. Dell offers an upgrade to a 9-cell battery for under $100 if you need a lengthier life before recharging.

Its battery is very weak . Some users talk: I paid a premium for the 85Wh battery when I ordered my Inspiron E1505 and I am extremely disappointed that the battery has quit holding a charge after only 18 months...and now I'm looking at nearly $200 to order a replacement? I bought my Inspiron less than two years ago and I am now looking for my third battery. I should have purchased one way before now since I have to stay plugged up to use my laptop. Way too much money for a worst than terrible battery as XPS M1530 Battery.Additional Thoughts I will not buy any more Dell laptops. I advice you buy a new laptop battery replacement in

Dell includes a one-year limited warranty on these portable computers, which features at-home service if it's needed. The one-year period has become the de facto standard for most PC vendors these days.

As they ship, the Dell Inspiron E1505 or Inspiron E1705 Battery portable computers offer excellent core power and a good set of components. Gamers will want the graphics upgrade and video editors will want to step up the optical drive, but even if you do both, these portable computers still sell for well under a grand.

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