Friday, September 18, 2009

The United States to abandon the development of new battery technology allows cell phone powered by sound waves

The United States to abandon the development of new battery technology allows cell phone powered by sound waves

According to foreign media reports, Imagine has a self-powered mobile phone that how good it will never have to charge and can keep the phones running without VGP-BPS9A/B VGP-BPS9/B. This is not fantasy, but the U.S. University of Texas professor Kim Tai Xika a recent invention. This invention allows mobile phone users to speak into the energy generated by sound waves, providing use of mobile phones, enabling mobile phones used instead of power.

Self-powered mobile phones could be sound waves into electrical energy

Cajun working on nanotechnology, through the use of the so-called piezoelectric materials, he developed a self-powered device, which does not require batteries that can replace the power supply category of Lifebook T4220 battery Fujitsu fpcbp155. In particular, card payments and a partner University of Houston have found some kind of voltage is less than a nanometer-thick body of material under the micro-size of the converted energy can be 100%. Moreover, when this material larger than this specific size or more hours, their energy conversion rate declined significantly. His findings, published in the fall of the American Institute of Physics scientific journal "Physical Review". This discovery will develop low-power electronics products have far-reaching significance, this can be developed from I-powered mobile phones without pavilion ZV6000 battery Aspire 3000 battery, laptops, personal communication devices, and numerous other computer-related electronics products.

Many high-tech products of the components are nano-level. Although the invention of Cajun small, but significant influence. He found that will enable small and easy to extend the service life of wireless products without HP PB995A. Because, MP3 and cell phone, the laptop battery life is a major problem, if you want to expand their capabilities, then they need to have a more powerful battery to support. And convenient self-powered device will resolve this problem, which is several federal agencies interested in the reasons for such devices. In fact, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been studying the field the soldiers how to use their conversation to obtain the energy to power their portable equipment. In addition, the sensors used to detect explosives, would greatly benefit from self-powered technology, can reduce the trouble of testing and replacement of the battery.

Cajun explained that the key to this technology is the piezoelectric body. Is a class of piezoelectric crystals are very interesting, when you squeeze or stretch it, it will produce different ends of the charge of Pavilon DV9000 battery. This effect is called piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric effect can produce a crystal is called piezoelectric crystals. Crystal quartz is a well-known piezoelectric crystals. Piezoelectric body is not a new concept, in fact, as early as in the first century BC was the French scientist discovered. Was first used in piezoelectric sonar equipment during World War.

Now, equipped with a piezoelectric crystal element of the apparatus so that technical staff research the steam engine, internal combustion engines and all kinds of chemical equipment in the pressure changes become a reality with this XPS m140 BATTERY. The use of piezoelectric crystals can be measured or even the pressure of fluids in pipes, guns, firing shells in the barrel when the pressure of the bomb exploded when the instantaneous pressure. In addition, the piezoelectric crystal is also widely used in the microphone and quartz table. Even the car ignition also has piezoelectric crystal. Click on the button will cause the ignition of piezoelectric crystals generate impact of Inspiron 640m battery, thereby generating sufficient voltage to produce sparks and ignite fuel.

On major applications, a number of European dance floors of nightclubs and dance halls was built by the piezoelectric crystal can absorb and convert XPS M1730 battery energy to generate electricity footsteps as a way to light bulbs inside the nightclub. According to reports, the Hong Kong Coliseum is an athlete using this technology to the Pavilon DV8000 battery energy conversion into electrical energy as a means of lighting and play music. Cajun said that the application of piezoelectric crystal will be a higher level, especially when the nano-scale emergence of the piezoelectric crystal, after the application of this technology will become more widespread.

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