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Why laptop battery explode?

Why laptop battery explode?

Laptop battery is composing of enclosure, interface, cell and control circuit board, battery cell is responsible for supplying and storing the power of the laptop. Control circuit board with complex working principle and design, it controls the battery start and stop charging at proper time, control the discharge current reasonable, and it also take charge of showing the battery capacity and recycle charge times recording. When the battery in a high temperature or large current and other un-normal condition, it the control circuit board can protect the battery.

The OEM post in

The four suspicion of laptop battery explosion.

A, Battery cells interior short-circuit

The Latitude D620 battery cells has no protection function when meet large current, if single or multiple cells happen short-circuit situation, it will let cells discharge at high current. These current generate large quantity of heats will let the battery enhance the temperature, and then transfer to the other parts of laptop.

If the Latitude D600 battery enclosure is plastic material, it will deform or even get fired under high temperature, it is dangerous. The regular cells has experience strict test when out from factory, and the battery enclosure always adopt fireproof material and difficult to get fire. So the most possibility is involved with poor quality material for VGP-BPS2C VGP-BPS2 VGP-BPS5.

B, Battery cells connector wire short-circuit

The Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery, interior structure is too compact which leave opportunity for the cells. The wires in the middle are quite compact and close to the cells, if the skin of the cells and wires wore out, or the connect wires break off, then the cells will discharge at very high current and bring high temperature and cause fire final.

C, The control circuit invalidation

Sometimes, the control circuit will be invalidate for its protection part even it performed normal when use Sony NP-BG1, Canon BP-511,, when under full charge and un-normal, large current situation, the temperature will enhance and cause fire.

D Heat and abrupt incident

The laptop over heat or exterior liquid corrode, lightning strike or voltage un-normal will cause short-circuit.

All the battery spec info are from Laptop battery

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